“Art and Religion
in the 21st Century”

Aaron Rosen | Thames & Hudson | 2015

In this Inspirations feature we highlight one of FSA’s Visionaries — author, curator, and scholar Aaron Rosen —  and his groundbreaking book “Art and Religion in the 21st Century.” It is best described in the following excerpt from a review in the journal of the American Academy of Religion:

“Something of an objet d’art in its own right, Aaron Rosen’s lavishly illustrated book Art & Religion in the 21st Century recognizes and refutes the (supposedly antagonistic) separation of religion and contemporary art […] Rosen’s project in this much-needed and all-too-rare book on contemporary art from a religious studies perspective is to demonstrate that the supposed rift between art and religion has been greatly exaggerated […] The well-conceived format, content, and general approach of Art & Religion make it eminently amenable to classroom use […] Art & Religion, with its enthusiastically interdisciplinary approach, its exploration of a variety of mediums and modes of art-making, and its capacious representation of artists from across various religious and cultural backgrounds, is likewise an occasion for thinking through new possibilities for studying religion and contemporary art […] Rosen’s book, brimming with examples, is a wonderful resource, offering numerous ways of entering into and adjusting the frames of debates whose urgency is only increasing.” 

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