Our Mission

Building on the wisdom of millennia of careful reflection about the divine, the Foundation for Spirituality and the Arts fosters conversations, residencies, and other programs to nurture connections between religious faith and contemporary art.


For centuries, religion and spirituality have been a wellspring for the artistic imagination. Unfortunately, the contemporary art world has become an unwelcoming environment for artistic expressions of faith. Particularly in the United States, there is a marked lack of support for the creation and dissemination of spiritually oriented art and its discourse. A focus on transcendence and orienting oneself to a higher power can be a source of insight, illumination, and inspiration – all things we also associate with art and creative expression.

Religious and spiritual practices enable us to channel the divine into our daily lives. The liturgies which flow from the great Abrahamic faiths continue to enrich diverse communities throughout the world. Our goal is to explore how art engages with these traditions through a variety of disciplines and artistic practices, and vice versa.

The art world longs for the experience of community, but this is impossible without recognition of our shared spiritual values. Entertainment and politics alone cannot sustain us as spiritual beings. We believe that humility is a necessary foundation for creating the openness that allows us to access the transcendent. Awe and wonder in the face of mystery characterize this core conviction since we believe that there is something important and permanent which stands outside of the human ego.

Through meaningful communal initiatives and opportunities for artists, the Foundation seeks to revitalize the link between art and spirituality to inspire a more conscious and fulfilled life. Although our initial programming will take place in New York City and Charleston, we trust that our collaborations will address global and timeless concerns.

Who We Are

Tyler Rollins

Executive Director


Leeza Ahmady

Director of Programs


Julie Hamilton

Foundation Manager


John Silvis

Board Member