A Conversation on Andy Warhol and Religion

Erika Doss and Paula Kane on Andy Warhol and Warhol Museum’s Exhibition: “Revelation” | 2020

In this FSA Inspirations feature we highlight a poignant video recording from The Andy Warhol Museum YouTube channel that brilliantly outlines “what religion meant to Warhol, how his religious beliefs shaped and directed his art, and why religion ‘matters’ in the history of American modernism.” As part of a public program discussion between Erika Doss, professor of American studies at the University of Notre Dame, and Paula Kane, professor of religious studies at the University of Pittsburgh presented in conjunction with the exhibition “Andy Warhol: Revelation”. (October 20, 2019–March 1, 2020)

“Over the course of a prominent and prolific career, Andy Warhol (1928-1987) both pictured religious subjects and practiced his religious faith. Yet in 20th century histories of modern American art, religion is largely excluded. Warhol was perhaps doubly excluded, as a gay man, and a believing Christian, whose identity in the art world and in American society was made complicated by those identities.”