Hassan Vawda

“Equal Parts” | 2019
Eid-ul-Adha at Tate Britain

I am not just approaching an under researched field in regard to British art museums and religion and secularism, but in fact looking at these spaces as organizations and institutions beyond how it frames art, but how it thinks about audiences, staff and other functional aspects as well as how it frames its collections and acquisitions. Just like at all levels, our museums, particularly art institutions, across the world, need wider experiences to be part of it at every level, and research is no different – too much has been limited by the tunnel vision of respecting art history and the institutions that hold its authority over other disciplines and trajectories of navigating these spaces.

For this featured FSA Inspiration, we highlight Hassan Vawda, a Doctoral Researcher at Tate and Goldsmiths University, whose work delves into the subjects of belief, faith and religion (particularly Islam), and the role of secularism within the UK art museums.