Lia Chavez

“Water the Earth” | Re-divinization Protocol
Autumn 2023

In September 2023, FSA curated an original series of contemplative rituals with internationally-recognized performance artist Lia Chavez (b. 1978): a “Re-divinization Protocol,”  in the advent of Lia’s upcoming performance “Water the Earth,” a durational performance. This twelve-week practice created by Chavez in collaboration with FSA Director of Programs Leeza Ahmady and Foundation Manager Julie Hamilton is a complimentary wellness program offered as an extension and novel companion to the “Water the Earth” performance. Analogous to the Fluxus scripts of simple, repetitive actions, these daily rituals reconsecrate everyday activities and materials, bringing together mindfulness, meditation, and enlightenment – not unlike the earlier movement that nourished and encouraged creativity, fluidity, and openness. Conceived as a beauty regime for the soul, FSA names these meditative moments “re-divinization” as a nod to the practice of theosis, the transformative process of becoming more spiritually unified with the Divine.

Lia Chavez | Water the Earth Re-divinization Protocol

We invite you to engage the protocol through the links below to the artist’s website, and that your souls will feel nourished and refreshed by these incrementally transformative practices.

Part I: The Fundament of Gentleness
Part II: Fasting to Feast 
Part III: Opening the Eye of the Heart
Part IV: Participatory Sculpture – Icon 1
Part V: Water the Water
Part VI: Re-establishing Reciprocity: Bodily Waters
Part VII: Water the Soul
Part VIII: Blessing the Earth
Part IX: Plant Communication
Part X: What is a Body?
Part XI: Rain Song
Part XII: Integration


About Lia Chavez 

About Lia Chavez 

“Through her multifaceted, performance-based practice, New York-based artist Lia Chavez is known for crafting unforgettable encounters which explore the phenomenology of light, illumination, and their impact on our lives and inmost creative selves. Chavez has been the subject of exhibitions in numerous major institutions and venues around the world, including the Venice Biennale, the Istanbul Biennial, and the Tate. A renowned explorer of the inner world, her brain is studied by neuroscientists seeking insights into the mind’s relationship with light, visionary experiences, and the act of creative inspiration itself. In pursuit of the truths of light and its physical, spiritual, and astral aspects, she practices extreme physical exigency as she plumbs the depths of existence: thirty day meditations deep in primeval caverns, forty day vows of silence, three-month fasts. Lia is also the founder of Hildegaard, a luxury creative house dedicated to reverence for Nature’s example of commingling light, matter, and spirit.”

Artist Statement

“The arc of my artistic program represents a revitalization of the archaic visionary consciousness of primal religious experience and a direct revelation of the transcendent, which is every being’s birthright. From performances and immersive installations to neuroscience research and cutting edge technological invention, my multidisciplinary work harnesses the full range of ecstatic rite, devotional methodology, cross-cultural spiritual discipline, botanical medicinal practice, entoptic phenomena, and superconscious pictographic awareness to connect us with the sacramental nature of life, the primacy of the inner world, and the potential for the body to invoke a radical awareness of Divinity. Traveling across the physical, spiritual, celestial, and astral realms of light, I serve as a bridge between heavenly and earthly dimensions to reveal the power that art holds for healing the the soul and unearthing the core human vocation of divine life on earth, which is, in essence, worship.”

Photo on left: “Lia Chavez in her garden at Mama Farm in Brookhaven Hamlet, New York,” 2022. Photo by Ioulex. Costuming and styling by Elanur Erdogan of DOBS NY. Beauty by Deanna Melluso.