Karen Brummund
Charleston, SC | April 2023

We were honored to welcome artist and educator Karen Brummund to FSA’s Artist-in-Residence program in Charleston (Spring 2023) as part of FSA’s presentation in the annual Spirited Brunch event. Based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Brummund makes art in response to places and communities around the world, “researching aesthetic ways to create dialogue in public space” through time-based drawings of architecture. Her process not only facilitates communal interaction, but forms a pedagogical disposition of humility, awe, and wonder. Drawing upon her project “Lines Between” in her practice as an artist and a mother, Brummund challenges art institutional perspectives that are monolithic to engage the imagination of children, which, in turn, is just as necessary for adults. She relates: “Humility is really exciting to me because it shows that none of us sees it all. And there’s something we don’t see. And so trying to help us feel that the invisible is more real than the visible.”

This focus of this residency engaged Karen Brummund’s community-oriented practices through a performative educational workshop in Charleston, and an experiential-collective art making scenario that also encompasses her speciality in drawing and temporary public installations. Karen’s expansive vision invited all ages to participate and learn from the creative process, from the perspective of wonder. Her residency was oriented around and culminated with the Spirited Brunch event on April 23rd, 2023.

This was FSA’s second year participating in Spirited Brunch, an interfaith gathering in Charleston where varying houses of worship open their doors to the public and offer a form of food to share with the community.

To view Karen Brummund’s residency projects documentation in Charleston CLICK HERE


About the artist:

Karen Brummund is a visual artist making site-specific installations and researching aesthetic ways to create dialogue in public space.

About the artist:

Karen Brummund is a visual artist making site-specific installations and researching aesthetic ways to create dialogue in public space. Brummund’s projects on paper, light, and the grid, have been created in collaboration with communities all over the world, including Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects in Chile, the Sirius Art Centre in Ireland, and the Brady Art Centre in London. She created architectural installations for museums like the Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Everson Museum of Art as well as festivals like Atlanta Celebrates Photography and Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach. Grants from organizations like the Experimental Television Center, NYSCA, Cornell Council for the Arts, and the Alabama State Council for the Arts enable her to create community-based art projects outside of art institutions. She received an artist fellowship in Architecture and Environmental Art from New York Foundation for the Arts and is a finalist for the 2023 Laguna Art Prize in Venice, Italy. Most recently, Brummund is researching hospitality and play as modes of art interpretation through an artist residency in an elementary school and through her long term project “Lines Between.” Video from this “Performing Harmony” series was projected at Digital Graffiti Art Festival in Alys Beach, Florida in May 2023.


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