Fellowship for Scholars, Arts Managers & Curators

We offer a professional development program for emerging scholars, arts managers, and curators. Our Fellows work closely with FSA staff over a six month period, gaining practical experience in arts administration, curatorial work, archival documentation, graphic and web design, art writing, public relations, fundraising, digital outreach communications, and event management. We invite applicants from a broad range of cultural, religious, and artistic backgrounds. Interested candidates please email: team@fsa.art

Former Fellows

Cloris He (2023-2024)

Silicone artist Cloris He was an FSA 2023 Curatorial and Public Relations Fellow. Receiving her BFA from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2023, Cloris’s interests and art practice utilizes silicone to simulate skin texture, illustrates the intersection between technology and human beings. Following from the Uncanny Valley theory, her installations attempt to simulate familiarity and raise concerns about anthropocentrism. Interested in posthumanism’s themes of embodiment and disembodiment, Cloris was drawn to FSA for its exploration of spiritual expression behind artistic practice.

Tamani McCoy (2023)

Up-and-coming artist and Washington D.C. native Tamani McCoy was an FSA 2023 Curatorial and Public Relations Fellow. Tamani received her BFA from Frostburg State University in Maryland, minoring in biology and animal behavior. Currently completing an internship with the Berlin Collectiv, Tamani is drawn to FSA’s mission to create an intersectional space and platform for artists whose practices relate to religion and spirituality. While she has focused on illustration and photography, her mediums and subject matter vary, correlating between science, fantasy, and psychology. Tamani has participated in group exhibitions at the Stephanie Ann Roper Gallery in Maryland, the Maryland Federation of the Arts, the Las Laguna Gallery in California, and the Art Square Gallery in New York.

Ana Chirinos (2023)

Massachusetts-based illustrator Ana Chirinos was an FSA 2023 Curatorial and Public Relations Fellow. Born in Venezuela, Ana immigrated to Texas with her family as a child, then later moved to Massachusetts to pursue a BFA in Illustration with a minor in Entrepreneurship in the arts. Ana is drawn to FSA for its emphasis on the driving cultural forces behind artmaking and the recontextualization of traditional practices in an evolving art industry. Ana’s illustrations bring together elements of traditional portraiture, ink work, and printmaking adapted for the modern medium of digital art. 

Hazel Tomlinson (2022)

Hazel Tomlinson is a multidisciplinary artist and was an FSA 2022 Curatorial and Public Relations Fellow, whose practice revolves around performance art and sculpture. Recently settled in New York from the UK, Tomlinson has been currently gaining experience in the professional art world with the aim of fine tuning her various creative interests. Exploring socio-political themes through her art making, she was drawn to FSA for its parallel mission highlighting artists often marginalized for their spiritual and religious commitments.

Daria Agapitova (2022)

Daria Agapitova is NYC-based spatial designer and was an FSA 2022 Curatorial and Design Fellow. Through her Fellowship with FSA, Agapitova aimed to establish herself as an emerging curator that addresses innovative forms of spatial and conceptual presentations of art and architectural projects that may simultaneously engage with communal, spiritual, and religious practices.