“The Flags Project”
Charleston, SC | May 15, 2022

As part of her residency with FSA, Arahmaiani’s “Flags Project” graced the streets of Charleston on Sunday, May 15th. Opening the performance with food offerings by various synagogues and churches as part of the annual Spirited Brunch event, volunteers from the local community, including members of the Interreligious Council of Charleston and students from the College of Charleston, carried flags on a designated walking route through downtown, stopping at various liturgical spaces and historical landmarks. Accompanied by the gospel choir, Spiritually Yours, Arahmaiani led the procession of 14 flags, followed by any onlookers and community members who desired to participate in the performance. Jewel-toned hues of fuschia, cobalt, kelly green, and tangerine billowed in the streets over the shoulders of flag bearers, as they progressed from the Alumni Center to KKBE Synagogue. Words such as “Soul”; “Nature”; “Courage”; “Love”; “Mind” and “Happiness” in native languages of communities Arahmaiani has collaborated with adorned each individual flag. This joyous celebration of interfaith harmony and unity culminated on the steps of KKBE with a powerful variation of “This Little Light of Mine.” 

Watch our video documentation of Arahmaiani’s “Flags Project” performance in Charleston below.

Arahmaiani, “Flags Project,” 2022. Performance. Charleston, South Carolina. Produced by the Foundation for Spirituality and the Arts.